Hurricane Wilma - October 24th, 2005 - Plantation Isles

Plantation Isles

We encurred minor damage from Hurricane Wilma. One Cocont Palm snapped in half, the screen blew in again and one roof tile came loose. Not too bad considering. Our nieghbors lost a lot of trees and the entire shadow box fence which effectively ended the life of our ficus hedge. Dad has some dents in his car and the back window of JR's Chevy Blazer blew out. The storm was a bit scary for the Bonna and the kids. With all of the shutters up, the house was completely dark and you could only hear the wind outside. Not to mention the occasional coconut slaming against the shutter. Brian Norcross (our local weatherman) mentioned twice on the radio that Plantation was taking the worst of the storm. Once when the eye wall was first over us and then about 15 minutes later when the latter portion of the eye wall was over us. We were in the lower part of the eye, so there was not much of a break. As you can see in the photos the wind blew strong all day, but by 11am I needed some light, so I went out and removed some shutters and started taking these photos. A lot of tool sheds were blown blocks away from the owners. We went approximately two weeks w/o power which meant one long wait in the gas line for generator fuel and plenty of cold showers which I found stimulating, but the ladies and kids found chilling. It was nice to see the stars as the entire city was blacked out. Some of the generators were a bit to noisy so it wasn't like camping, but it was a nice change of pace. Two weeks is plenty though. 4 weeks and counting w/o phones.

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