1st Annual Sun-Core Happy Holidays Golf Reunion

Friday, December 28th, 2007 at Colony West

Sponsored by: DeRolf GMAC Real Estate and Hackers Like You

Requirements: Open to all former SEL, Gould, Encore, Sun employees and their families and friends.

Format: 7 Random Holes 3 Designated Holes, 2 Person Blind teams, Team Best Ball, Individual Low Gross

Translation: Play all 18 holes. Accurately record your gross score for each hole. Based on a top secret formula the players will be divided into two flights. An “A” and “B” player will be selected for each team. We will then draw holes out the hat. Only these holes will be counted to determine the team with the lowest Best Ball score. Again, simply record your gross score for each hole and the tournament coordinator will take of the rest.

Hole Selection: Blind 7 Holes (2 Par 5s, 2 Par 3s, 3 blind Par 4s and 2 designated par 4s # 12 and # 18 ) and 1 Par 2 putting contest which everyone must play. The par 2 is the designated tie breaker hole and must be played prior to starting your round. After completing the par 2 pick up your special instructions from the tournament director (Brad).

Closest to the Hole on all Par 3s

Longest Drive on all Par 5s

Individual low gross.

Starting Times: 8:00 a.m.

Cost: $5 to the tournament director for prizes and approx. $60 to Colony West (could be lower if we find any coupons). You pay them for the golf and me for the prize fund.

Player List:

Bettye Grant
Mark Grant
JoJo Grant
Pam Vjotas

Adam Marano
Jeff Russo
Art Licht
Marcy Davis

Brian Whitehouse
Cheryl Davidson
Gary Whitehouse
Gary Blandino 

Mark Baker
Karen Baker
Rob Kasprak
Steve Schelong

Brad DeRolf 
Brock DeRolf (scratch)
Jim Doyle
Kevin McMurtrey (scratch)

Results to the best of my memory. Please send me an e-mail w/corrections or updates:
Long Drive #1 – Art Licht; Other Long Drives: Rob Kasprak, Marcy Davis, Brian Whitehouse, Gary Blandino
Closest to the Pins: Rob Kasprak, Mark Grant # 8, Bettye Grant, Karen Baker

Low Gross: Jim Doyle

Low Team: Jim Doyle, Gary Whitehouse